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Blockheizkraftwerke I - Grundlagen, Planung und Rahmenbedingungen
18. Juni 2013 in Hamburg
Blockheizkraftwerke II - Planung, Wirtschaftlichkeit und Rahmenbedingungen
19./20. Juni 2013 in Hamburg
Blockheizkraftwerke I - Grundlagen, Planung und Rahmenbedingungen
08. Oktober 2013 in Essen
Blockheizkraftwerke II - Planung, Wirtschaftlichkeit und Rahmenbedingungen
09./10. Oktober 2013 in Essen

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With the aid of thermal-power stations, the energy requirements of a building can be met efficiently and effectively. The fields of application of a micro-CHP Unit are sufficient to cover the needs of a single detached house and extend to the primary needs for electricity and heat power of a whole urban district or industrial complex of buildings and all by means of thermal power stations.

Sufficient combustion materials can be found in fossil fuels, natural gas, domestic fuel oil, liquefied gas, as well as renewable energy sources such as fermentation gas, wood gas, bioethanol and vegetable oil. The planning of a thermal power station is extremely complex in it interpretation and requires not only fundamental understanding of the technical aspects of the project but it is also requires extensive knowledge of the legal regulations that have to be honoured.

BHWK-Consult has been successfully conducting intensive Workshops and Courses in the field of CHP-Planning for the last eight years. More than 30 seminars have already been initiated. This website is designed to inform you about the CHP-workshops of which contents are regularly up dated and largely practically orientated. BHKW I basics Workshop and the two-day intensive Course BHKW II cover advanced Workshop provide the focal point of a range of advanced training tutorials.

The standard seminar BHKW I covers primarily the fundamental legal regulations, areas of implementation for mini-CHP and CHP and the deployed technologies. A a basic introduction to the process of planning, evaluation, and the calculating of economic viability are also topics handled in BHKW 1. More information to this course can be found under "BHKW I".

An intensive and advanced two-day seminar was designed to build on the already acquired skills from the basic seminar and to enable participants an extended insight into the problem areas of CHP such as the incorporation of CHP into existing systems and the investment appraisal of a project. The legal requirements and funding through grants are also topics of great relevance. This advanced course is particularly interesting to participants with extensive prior knowledge and experience in the field of CHP. The contents of the advanced course can be found under"BHKW II".

Under the category seminar-dates you will find all the current dates for the above seminars their locations and registration flyers.

If you are interested in any of the other conferences on offer by BHKW Consult you can simply visit our website www.bhkw-konferenz.de/en/cogeneration/index.html or use the categories listed under links where we are preparing further interesting websites initiated by our CHP-Information-Center and which will extensively cover the subject of thermal-power-stations.

* BHKW (‘Blockheizkraftwerk’) means ’cogeneration/ combined heat and power plant’
* Seminar is the german word for ‘course or ‘workshop